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Bluetooth Advertising Case Studies

Fat Sams first opened to the public in December 1983. Since then the big man has seen many changes in music trends, fashion, hair cuts, you name it. In the early eighties Fat Sams was the home of the famous Dance Factory, who brought many live bands at the height of their popularity to the club, and who still put live bands on in Fat Sams under the name of D.F. concerts.

In recent years Fat Sams has grown in popularity, and reached a peak in 2005 winning the nightclub of the year at the Scottish Smirnoff BEDA Awards in Edinburgh. The success of the club is mainly due to the directors ability to react quickly to changes within the entertainment and nightclub industries, and when they heard of our unique way of marketing they could not wait to get it up and running.

The challenge for Bloozy's team was to install a system which would cover the entire ground floor of the nightclub, allowing distribution of up to date content regarding the clubs events and promotions. The system would be controlled by the DJ whenever the venue was trading, allowing full control and marketing power to be controlled by the in-house promotions team.

Bloozy installed the Clubber system within Fat Sams, allowing full coverage of the bottom floor of the venue. This allowed marketing to the clientele within the venue every night the venue is trading (7 nights a week). Bloozy are reponsible for generating fresh, exciting content based upon the venues traditional marketing materials such as flyers and posters. The Clubber unit also offers an easy to navigate interface allowing the DJ to control the system at the touch of a button.

“We have been looking for alternative forms of marketing to assist us in delivering promotional materials to our clientele. When we heard of the products Bloozy had to offer, we were immediately interested as this would allow us to market to people within our venue throughout the night without having additional costs of staff to do this job.” Angus Robb, Managing Director Fat Sams.


Since installing the system Fat Sams have seen fantastic results from the Bloozy system. On a single floor on a weekend night, around 400 bluetooth devices are detected regularly with around 20-25% accepting the promotional materials. Below are some examples of the kinds of materials Fat Sams have been sending out using their Bloozy Clubber system.



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